Online Physics Resources

Thought I might create a page with some of the (free) online Physics resources I’ve used in class. This is basically a personal resource that I’m making public since it might benefit others. Leave a comment if you notice any of these links have stopped working. I plan to add to the list over time, and categorize it once is gets larger.

5th-order rainbow

Aether Video
Brief explanation of the Michelson-Morley experiment.

Basic Wave Interference Applet

What it sounds like.

Battery Applet
Very basic Phet applet.

Beats Applet

Allows you to vary the frequency of two different waves and shows you the resulting wave.

Cavendish Experiment Video

Video of the Cavendish Experiment with some groovy music. Some of the commenters are worried the attraction is actually due to static charges and not gravity – I don’t know. Makes the point anyway. Talk about static charges too!

Drude Model Animation

Doppler Effect for Moving Source

A simple little applet that shows the pileup of waves created by a moving source.

Doppler Effect: The Big Bang Theory

Passed on to me by a student. Use at your own risk!

EM Spectrum Chart

EM Wave Graphic

Feynman chatting about QM

Hammer and feather drop on moon

How a fuel cell works

Interference pattern built up photon by photon

Longitudinal Standing Waves Animation

Magnetic Bottle Video

Maze game

Michelson Morley Experiment

Photoelectric effect applet

Projectile Motion Applet

Allows you to virtually launch projectiles at different angles, speeds, and masses, with and without air resistance. We use it as part of a virtual projectile motion lab – especially with hybrid/online courses, but sometimes with “normal” courses too.

Railgun Video

Reflection Diffraction Grating (Butterfly)

Refraction Applet

Nice little applet that helps to illustrate why waves bend when parts of the wave front are traveling at different speeds.

Ripple Tank video showing diffraction of water waves

Shock waves video

Signal Generator
This is a very simple program you download that simply allows you to play a sound from your computer at a frequency you set. I use it for a beat demo – a tuning fork is one source of sound, a computer is the other. I can also vary the frequency of one of the sound sources this way.

Standing Waves on a Guitar String

US Power Grid Graphic

Wave Demonstrations
Some helpful gifs showing how the medium moves in longitudinal, transverse, water, and surface waves.

Wave on a String
I use this to show standing waves forming – the default settings will work if you turn off damping.

Wave Reflections
Has a gif showing reflection from an impedance boundary, and others.

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